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Woman in Charge

Posted on May 25, 2017 at 4:45 PM

A longtime supporter of KFW, I have been reading some of the event coverage that I missed while I was out birthing my literary baby; I am amazed at what has been accomplished. But also, I am struck by the void of women from rural areas who actually share in the attempt toward activism that KFW strives to initiate.

I come from rural stock. I am rural stock. I know rural stock. And I know why we have been quiet for so long. The silence isn't overly forced on most of us. We accept it as our lot. We even champion it at times as fulfillment of the Biblical mandate given to "Eve" for her part in the original sin. We earned our punishment. We are women. We have no right to demand equal anything. Wonder no longer why we have never had a female president: it is because too many of us females do not support the candidate because she is female. Check out numbers of female voters who vote for females. Numbers of females in the House, the Senate, the Governor's offices. Numbers of females promoted by the state Democratic Committee. Until females themselves can stand together for females, how can we expect better?

How can we effect social change? equity? inclusion? When I was a child in the 60's I dreamed about the daughters I would have who would grow up not knowing such prejudice. But even my granddaughter must contend with the patriarchy that so dominates the social climate and the corporate ladder. How many female school superintendents do we have? How many female bank presidents? Sheriffs? Jailers? Judges? CEOs? Before you start counting, make sure you consider the rural communities, rural churches, rural coal mines, rural farms, rural businesses. Here I am at 67--still a member of a church where it is considered out of place for a female to lead a prayer in services, or to teach a class that has males in it, or speak up in business meeting, or serve as a deaconess. See me. SEE ME!

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