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Southern Rural Matters

Dedicated to preserving southern rural culture through education, information and open discussion.


Promote the diverse culture of Southern Rural Americans while supporting education in the South.


Preserve and highlight the affirming traditions of Southern Rural Americans.


Protect the culture and traditions of Southern Rural Americans through education, information and open discussion.

Our Mission and Purpose

The Rural South’s population and culture are often characterized as poor, slow, uneducated, unsophisticated, rural hillbillies and rednecks in shacks clinging to a mountainside or in trailers in the “sticks.” This is a myopic view of the rich traditions and heritage of Southern culture. Because of this stigma, Southern Rural Matter’s (SRM) mission is to present an accurate picture of the Rural South.

At Southern Rural Matters, sharing accurate information about the Rural South and its people, is our goal. SRM is committed to working toward and supporting through information, a better understanding of the people of the South—their diverse cultures, their values and their dedication to preserving the rural traditions of the South..

The primary purpose of SRM is to further an improved regard for the depth, diversity, and wealth of the Southern Rurals and to garner respect for a people that continue to be disrespected, degraded, and demeaned beyond the degree of political correctness demanded for almost all other ethnicities in America. By presenting the method and means of the ongoing ridicule, examples of educational inequity, almost shameful taunting by media and contemporary entertainers, it is our hope that educators might better assist youth from the region in achieving the global education that America claims necessary for our nation’s citizens. In addition, SRM strives to promote a positive image of Southern Rurals including their culture in order to forestall a “self-fulfilling prophesy.”

Speaking Topics:

  • Women of the Rural South
  • The Good Old Boys Club in the Rural South
  • The Effect of Rural Values on Student Outcomes in the Rural South
  • Who were the “Blue People” of Kentucky?
  • Late Night TV Hosts and Abuse of Abuse Victims
  • How does the Good Old Boy Culture Affect Southern Rural Females?
  • Is Bubba to Blame?
  • Who Is Responsible for Misogyny in the Rural South
  • Feminism, Misogyny, and Religiosity in the Rural South
  • The Over-lapping Spheres of Rural Values and Incest
  • The Good Little Southern Belle and Bubba
  • Cave Men and Bubba
  • The Unseen Epidemic or The Tacit Acceptance of Incest in the Rural South
  • You’re a Conservative . . . What?
  • The Southern Rebel in Today’s Culture
  • An Abuse Victim of the Rural Southern Culture